Grain of Sand

Slow moving and introspective, Grain of Sand, is one continuous choreographic contemplation that moves diagonally from downstage to the opposite upstage corner. Grain of Sand is a standalone concept piece - an experiment with stilt dance choreography. Recently performed in January 2017 for Ontario DanceWeekend, it will be soon featured in SPARQ Productions annual presentation of ONE! - a dance spectacle.

Presented at the Dancemakers Centre for Creations (Toronto).

Concept & Choreography by Aviva Fleising

Stilt performance by Allara Gooliaff

Production - the space between us and my HIGHER self

Music: Faithless & L. Subramaniam

Lighting Design: Melissa Joakim

Video: Aria Evans

Featured Producers.

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Tziporah Productions is led by choreographer/dancer Aviva Fleising and members of the ensemble are brought together for various projects depending on the current undertaking. The ad hoc group emerged in June, 2004 with its first full-length production, Tunnel Vision, presented at the Montreal Fringe Festival. Since then, choreographer Aviva Fleising has collaborated with performers in Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario creating short works for festivals and independent projects. Tziporah Productions became more formally assembled May 30, 2012. The company is a member of Dance Ontario, the Canadian Dance Assembly and the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists and is the resident artist at the Heliconian club for the 2014-2015 year.

Aviva Fleising

Tziporah Productions

Tara Blue is the Creative Co-Director of Blue Bird Moving Arts. Blue Bird Moving Arts is an evolution of The Blue Collar Dance Company. BCDC was guided by the vision of developing greater awareness, appreciation, and integration of dance in the local community. Tara is part of a (r)evolution of many Alberta artists and been an integral part of their success. BCDC presented and produced urban innovators such as Soul Projexions (Montreal), Original Rudes (Calgary), Ill FX (Calgary) Over the Influence (Vancouver), and House of Dangerkat (NYC). All continue to inspire audiences across North America and internationally.

Tara Blue

Blue Bird Moving Arts

Soulocentric is a performing arts company that knows no boundaries between theatre, dance and music. Soulocentric is one of the few arts organizations in Calgary that is multidisciplinary, including works from theatre, dance and music, and works that integrate all three into the performance style. It is currently the only organization in Alberta that has focused more specifically on producing solo performance, and is one of the only organizations producing performance for a parent-tot audience.

Jenny Repond Peters

Soulocentric Performing Arts

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Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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