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The overview.

I am a dancer. I love working with stilts to exaggerate shapes and push the edges of my movement background.

I am from the Canadian prairies. All my stories are influenced by wide open spaces and promises of opportunity.

Stilts From Above Allara inside +15 Stride Gallery Allara with paper flowers

The style

My movement language is steeped in West African folkloric traditions, shaped by contemporary dance aesthetic, and embellished by playful sense of curiosity and wonder. I am inspired by all kinds of arts practitioners and movement modalities including those forms found in physical theatre, acrobatics, and contemporary circus.

Caricature and Spectacle

By emphasizing and exaggerating commonly acknowledged aesthetics of dance, I find that stilt-based movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own vulnerabilities. My work closely examines the body as it is challenged by unexpected cues: rhythms that jolt the inert body to awareness, the close proximity of another human being, the physicality of being propelled through the air, the semi-successful attempts at a graceful landing, and the jagged uneven slide to the ground. At once, interactive and engaging, the performative illusion is uniquely achieved in concert with the audience.

I wonder.

Artists that move me.

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