bird watching.


A 10-minute play by the humble Canada Jay

I won! I won! I won! Booyah. Lookin' at you Canada Goose.

Did you know that Canada has a new national bird? It's the Gray Jay! True story. Not the Canada Goose—too squawky. Not the Common Loon—sings in only in the minor key—too sad. Canadians are a happy, polite people and the Gray Jay reflects our country’s collectively clever and cheerful personality

Performed on stilts for Jane's Walk 2017, Tangy Lime Dance Projects presents a lightly satirical look at our new national emblem.

Directed by Tara Blue.

BIRD WATCHING is a 10-minute play in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Jane's Walk. Jane’s Walks are free, locally-led walking tours inspired by legendary urban activist Jane Jacobs, in which people get together to explore, talk about and celebrate their neighbourhoods. Where more traditional tours are a bit like walking lectures, a Jane’s Walk is more of a walking conversation.

BIRD WATCHING will be performed 4 times at three different sites on the weekend of May 6-7, 2017.


Calgary's Culture House is a vibrant meeting place for experiment, innovation and spontaneous interaction. A multi-disciplinary arts and culture hub, Theatre Junction GRAND is a place where bold and unexpected events inspire cultural change.

Theatre Junction GRAND

Site: Ocular

Date: Saturday, May 6

Tours begin at 2pm and 3pm (sharp!)

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This walk is all about the magic of community. Tiffany will explore the inspiring beauty behind the anonymous acts of hanging bird feeders, wind-chimes, ornaments and even candy canes at Christmas. There will be an interpretive stop along the route to include a stilt performance about Canada's enchantment with its newest national feathery friend.


The Enchanted Shouldice Forest

Meeting Place: Encana Field Parking Lot

Date: Sunday, May 7

Time: 3pm

Leader: Tiffany Talen

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Bowmont Park is a large natural environment park that lies along the northern bank of the Bow River. The name is a contraction of the names of the nearby communities of Bowness and Montgomery. The lookout is next to Marantha Church, however, please use the gravel parking lot on the north side of the church.

Bowmont Natural Area

Site: Montgomery Entrance - 2111 52 Street NW

Date: Sunday, May 7

Time: 4:30pm

Outdoor performance - Dress accordingly

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Tara Blue is the Creative Co-Director of Blue Bird Moving Arts. Studying at the feet (literally!) of dozens of movement masters including Bessie Schonberg & Peggy Baker, Denise Clarke, Vicki Adams Willis, and Davida Monk, instilled within Tara a devotion to the entire spectrum of embodied movement in arts and in life. She was nominated for a Betty Mitchell award for her choreography of The Wizard of Oz (ATP).

Tara Blue


Tara Blue is no ordinary director. By allowing the players some time and space to create, Tara is responsible for fusing the unique talents found in any performing ensemble, highlighting complementary contributions, and making all of it come together into a seamless whole. Tara's love of words, movement, and risk made her the perfect person to direct any cast. For more information about Tara hover over the icons below her picture.


A contemporary stilt dance piece about failure. Failure to connect to another person. Failure to make ideas fully materialize. And finally, failure to make the move. The character's delusion is repeated again and again in 4-minute cycles without break for the performing artist as the audience files through the installation.

Concept & Choreography by Allara Gooliaff

Sound & Direction: Tara Blue

Video: Deep Color Media

Special thanks to Soulocentric and the Soul Step Festival for producing shortCIRCUIT as well as Evergreen Theatre and Sean Fraser for technical support.

Bird Watching

Concept & Choreography by Allara Gooliaff

Voiceover & Soundscape: Tara Blue

Composer: John Armanini

Video: Deep Color Media

Special thanks to Peter Gibson (photography) and Fay Gooliaff (costumes).

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