Trina Crawford is a successful, career-oriented woman who suddenly she finds herself in a ditch on one beautiful evening. To be more precise, the evening started out beautifully but the car crash sent her past the ditch and now she is slowly sinking into a slough. How did she get there? Emergency services and her mother both want to know. Peeling back the layers of her recent history, Trina Crawford tries to get to the heart of her compulsion to text and drive.

Driven by a strong narrative, raNDom is a carefully choreographed study of one character played by three physical theatre artists. Directed by Tara Blue, this show features an ensemble cast: stilt artist Allara Gooliaff, dancer Julie Funk, and actor Jacqueline Russell.

raNDom is a collaborative effort that is based on some of the concepts found in devised theatre. The starting point for this contemporary movement performance was stilt dance and three physically fearless artists. The work hinges on a script developed by Allara Gooliaff that includes narrative prose as well as poetry. Poetic metaphors underline and reinforce the movement on every level.


raNDom is an exploration on the continuum of physical theatre. The story is driven by a solid script and choreography. Stilts are employed to exaggerate the shapes visible onstage. The resulting visible images add tension, contrast, and dimension to the narrative. The main character (Trina Crawford) is pulled figuratively and literally between the ever-shifting roles of her shadow selves.

Allara Gooliaff is a performing arts professional. Her primary passion is West African traditional dance which she fuses with her contemporary background to produce a unique movement vocabulary. She is inspired by all kinds of arts practitioners and movement modalities including those forms found in physical theatre, acrobatics, and contemporary circus. Allara is passionate about sharing the joy of dance in all its myriad styles.

Allara Gooliaff

Shade: Katrina

Jacqueline Russell is a Calgary-based director, performer, playwright and the Artistic Director of Urban Curvz Theatre. She was the 2013/2014 RBC Emerging Director at Lunchbox Theatre. Most recently, she toured her co-created clown show (with Jed Tomlinson), The Sama Kutra, to the Calgary and Edmonton Fringes. Jacqueline is a ceritfied yoga instructor and is currently creating a yoga/performance with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.

Jacqueline Russell

Trina Crawford

Julie Funk is a dance & yoga instructor, performer, body worker, mother and Shakespearian enthusiast. She is a graduate of the now defunct Grant MacEwan College Dance program and has worked with the Mile Zero and Brian Webb dance companies. The embodiment of gratitude and vulnerability is at the heart of all her work. Her ability to bring a nuanced sense of humanity to even the most dramatic roles is appreciated by choreographers, fellow performers, and all lovers of dance.

Julie Funk

Shade: Katy, sometimes Kat

raNDom was first produced by Sage Theatre in June 2012 and most recently presented by BlueBird Moving Arts at the West Village Theatre in Calgary, Alberta.

This project is proudly supported by Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


raNDom has some serious underlying themes including: distracted driving causing injury, possibly death; love and loss; and family. However, the take-off point is ridiculous: the main character attempts to meditate while driving, texting, talking, and changing clothes. There are myriad distractions in this busy world, but raNDom examines what happens when life gives us the chance to focus on what really matters, and who or what is ultimately important to us.

Tara Blue is the Creative Co-Director of Blue Bird Moving Arts. Studying at the feet (literally!) of dozens of movement masters including Bessie Schonberg & Peggy Baker, Denise Clarke, Vicki Adams Willis, and Davida Monk, instilled within Tara a devotion to the entire spectrum of embodied movement in arts and in life. She was nominated for a Betty Mitchell award for her choreography of The Wizard of Oz (ATP).

Tara Blue


Tara Blue is no ordinary director. By allowing the players some time and space to create, Tara was responsible for fusing the unique talents found in this particular performing ensemble, highlighting their complementary contributions, and making all of that come together into a seamless whole. Tara's love of words, movement, and risk made her the perfect person to direct this cast. For more information about Tara hover over the icons below her picture.

Lights and Sound

Kalyna Conrad

Kalyna has been a lighting designer and technician for nineteen years, starting in Ontario before fleeing west to Calgary. In that time she has lit opera, corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, dance, live music, musicals, theatre, new works, and multi-disciplinary works in all sorts of venues.

Eli Kline (Engineering & Vocals)

Eli kickstarted his audio engineering career in 2000 by opening up a home studio that catered to underground hiphop. Formalizing his training at Stylus College of Music and Sound Design in 2004, he has since written scores for dance, film, and theatre projects, as well as produced original work such as Vast Imaginations. Nowadays, Eli combines his two passions: travel and music. He searches the globe for new musical inspirations in funk, soul, jazz, and world beat traditions. Back in Calgary for only a short time, he continues to dig deeper into the creation of music that pushes the limits of art and asks the profound questions that stimulate self-evolution.

Calvin Becker (Music)

is a Canadian musician and singer/songwriter. He has a long and storied career on the Canadian music scene dating back to 1993 when he worked with The Grooveyard that continues to reverberate through to the present day. A partial list of his career credits include: Drummer and songwriter for the Earthtones from 1997 to 2001, bluessmyth, solo efforts with LA- based record label Harmonic Tremors, and Heavy Traffic. In 2011 he released the solo CD The Art of Jaywalking with the songs "I Wish You All the Happiness" and "What If You Came to Me?" on radio in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Canada. Calvin Becker is currently recording a new solo CD Histories of Things to Come to be released later this year (2014).

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